7.3 PCM Excursion
7.3 PCM Excursion 7.3 PCM Excursion 7.3 PCM Excursion

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7.3 PCM Cross-Reference and Look-Up Table
Model Year Emissions Federal/ California DPC-###
2000 All 432
2001 All 452
2002 All 492
2003 All 492



Excursions use the same DPC numbers as California model F-Series trucks, but the PATS (Passive Anti Theft System) on them means you can't put an Excursion PCM in a truck because it won't start. You also can't put the PCM from one Excursion into a different Excursion for the same reason. (You can put an F-Series PCM into an Excursion if you need to.)

If you order a PCM for your Excursion off the shelf / from our inventory, we will ship it with PATS disabled so your vehicle will start. Then, if you want the PATS enabled, you can take it to any shop with an IDS scan tool and a Ford Module Reprogramming subscription and have the PATS Key Reprogram done. You are responsible for this cost.

If you send your Excursion PCM in for a rebuild, and the EEPROM is still good (90% chance its good) there will be no change to your PATS functionality. If the EEPROM is bad and has to be replaced, it will probably not be possible to re-enable it, even with a PATS Key Reprogram with the Ford IDS scan tool.