Effective Nov 8, 2018 the price that you see for shipping is for Round Trip Shipping: Sending your item to us for testing/repair, and sending it back to you afterwards. Or, if your are buying a PCM or IDM up front, it then covers sending the item to you, and you sending the core back to us. 

After you place the order, we will email you a shipping label to send your item to us and the nearest drop-off location to your home or business (UPS Store, Post Office, etc). Our shipping rates should be 15%-20% lower that what you would pay if you went directly to a UPS Store yourself to buy a label. We're not trying to make money by doing this; we're hoping to make things simpler for you when you need to send something to us for testing or want to return a core for a refund.

If you do NOT want to use our round trip shipping, skip the online checkout / payment process and just ship your item to us with the Customer & Vehicle Information sheet in the box, and we'll send you an invoice.

It is your responsibility to properly pack your item before shipping it. This means bubble wrap or crumpled paper all around it, and using a stiff cardboard box, not an envelope. Even if you use a padded envelope, it still needs to be in a rigid box. If your item gets damaged in transit, it means you didn't pack it properly. 


FICM: Remove the rubber grommets before sending in. 

IDM: Do not mail IDM with Steel Mounting Bracket.

PCM: Do not mail PCM with Plastic Mounting Bracket.
If you are using a chip with your PCM, Send it in so we can test it with your PCM.

Please download, print and completely fill out our Customer & Vehicle Information Sheet. If we're missing essential information, we'll have to email you to get it, and that will delay your order.

 You can ship items to us by the carrier of your choice: FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Carrier Pigeon, etc.

We ship items to you by UPS.