Diesel Technology of Chattanooga hates long, complex warranties written in language the average Joe Powerstroke can't make heads or tails of.

We guarantee that any PCM or IDM purchased from us will work properly for 3 years from the date of purchase. There is no mileage limit. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and does not transfer to the new owner if they sell the truck.

We WILL NOT reimburse you for the cost of diagnostics, labor or installation, towing or any other expense related to the failure of any of our products.

We will NOT provide any warranty for our products if the vehicle's symptoms are rough-running or mis-fires and you are using anything besides genuine Ford or International valve cover gaskets, under valve cover wiring and pig-tails. 

If you think one of our products is not working properly, please email us with the symptoms / issues that the vehicle is giving, and tell us what diagnostics and troubleshooting you have performed. We may ask you to perform additional diagnostics before issuing a RMA. You are responsible for the cost of any diagnostic work.

After receiving your unit back, we will test it and inform you of the results. If it is defective, we will apologize and send you a replacement unit ASAP. You pay for shipping your old unit to us; we pay ground shipping to send the new unit to you. If you want it shipped back  express or overnight, you pay shipping. The replacement unit will be warrantied for the duration of the original units's warranty period.

If your PCM shows signs of water damage inside the case on the printed circuit board, we will repair it for 1/2 price.

If you are running a performance chip in your PCM and think you need warranty service, you must send the chip back with the PCM. If both the chip and the PCM are fried/dead, we will repair the PCM for 1/2 Price. If the chip is good and only the PCM is dead, we will repair the PCM for free. If the PCM chip terminals show signs that a chip was installed at some point, but you do not send the chip, there will be no warranty on the PCM.  We do not warranty chips.

The reason for this is that the #1 killer of 7.3 PCM's is people pulling the chip out of the PCM with the key on or the engine running, and we simply cannot warranty stupid.

If your PCM or IDM fails after the 3 year warranty period, repair is half-price of a new unit.