7.3 PCM Flash: Tuner Recovery
7.3 PCM Flash: Tuner Recovery 7.3 PCM Flash: Tuner Recovery

If your PCM is the victim of a failed, crashed or aborted tuner download, the tuner won't reprogram it and the truck won't start, we should be able to recover your PCM. We'll refund this is we can't restore your PCM, or apply the payment towards a new/rebuilt PCM.

If you want to send your tuner in also, we'll verify whether it can still (properly) download to your PCM after we do the recovery. This way, if it does crash again, we'll be able to recover the PCM right then and there, saving you the hassle of sending it back to us again...and paying for recovery again!

If we can't reprogram it with your tuner, you may have to send your tuner back to the manufacturer to get it unlocked. 

If you think your PCM has a tuner on it, but you don't have the tuner itself (ie you bought the truck used) and want it returned to stock, choose 7.3 PCM Flash Stock, not Tuner Recovery.

All flashes include test running the PCM before and after programming to verify proper functioning.