Covid-19 Update: DTC is classed as critical infrastructure. so we will stay open. Covid-19 Update May 5, 2020: DTC is based out of a home workshop so we will be open throughout the crisis. As an automotive parts/repair facility, we are considered to be critical infrastructure.
The New Shop: Part 4

Old walls are torn down, new have been walls built, and the wiring is roughed in.

Illustration 1: Main shop from back door


The plan was to keep the existing metal stud walls that sectioned off the office and Paint & Prep room where the air compressor, abrasive blaster and paint booth will go, but as the builders got the drywall torn off to run wiring and install doors and windows, it was concluded that that just wasn't going to work. So, they tore down the old walls and built new ones.

 Illustration 2: Main shop from back door

The new office wall is seen on the left, and the bathroom is on the right, and the wiring is roughed in. We'll have some storage space above the bathroom, too.

 Illustration 3: Looking from shop out the back door

The wall on the right is the Paint & Prep room wall that had to be rebuilt, and the conduit and outlet boxes are all placed, along with Ethernet cable. Throughout the shop there will be either a duplex outlet every 4' or a quad outlet every 8'

 Illustration 5: Paint and Prep Room

The wall on the left is the one that had to be rebuilt; the door you see leads to the breaker panels, and the air compressor will be back there, too.

 Illustration 6: Main entrance looking into office

Have you ever said to yourself “I have too many electrical outlets.”? We're investing heavily in the wiring for the shop so we never have an extension cord running across the floor, or a case where one outlet strip is plugged into another outlet strip.

 Illustration 7: Main Entrance

The main entrance will get a glass door with glass around and above it. It is on order, as is a roll-up shop bay door which will have a bottom aluminum panel, and 4 or 5 glass panels above it. We're all about plenty of natural daylight in our work environment.