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There are several ways to identify the various models of Powertrain Control Modules used in the 7.3 Ford Power Stroke diesels: The DPC number, Tear Tag aka PCM Code, and the Ford part number.

The DPC (Diesel Powertrain Controller) number is found on the upper left corner of the label on the PCM connector. The numbers run from 202 to 492, and identify the hardware version (the circuit board components & layout) of a given PCM, and can be used to identify whether it is from an automatic trans, manual trans, van, etc.

The Tear Tag (PCM Code) is the three letters and one numeral printed in the largest font in the center of the label, and also on the tag on the black cover where you put a chip, which is a 2-piece label with a perforation so you can tear off half of the tag. This is the software family and version programmed into the EEPROM at manufacture. The letters themselves are random/gibberish; I've never been able to find any rhyme or reason to how these letters are derived, but the numeral designates the version number of the software. i.e. NVK0 was used on DPC-422 PCM's  in 1999.5-2000 model year automatic transmission trucks. It was superseded by NVK1, which in turn was replaced by NVK2, and so on up to NVK5.

The Ford part number for a DPC-422 with NVK0 software is XC3F-12A650-BB. For NVK1, the BB changes to BC. NVK2 is BD, and so on.

Why all this detail? Simple. If your truck was built with a DPC-422 PCM, absolutely ANY DPC-422 will work in your truck, no matter what the PCM Code is! The only issue you might run into is if you put a DPC-422 PCM from an F-550 (with 5.13 gears!) with VXY4 PCM Code into your F250 with 3.73 gears, the transmission shift points might not quite be where you need them.

No problem. We can program any DPC with any PCM Code.